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Carol Ann, Ed and the rest of our friendly, WETT certified staff will be delighted to help you add the wonderful warmth of a fireplace or stove to your home.

There are many choices - style, fuel, location and others that will affect your long term satisfaction with our products.

Installing a radiant heating appliance can dramatically reduce the heating costs of older poorly insulated homes.

We want to ensure that we work with you to get it right, the first time … every time.

You will receive the warm personal service that you deserve through out the whole process.

This is a big investment and we want you to be happy and make your vision a reality!

Embers is located in the rural village of Perth, Ontario just 40 minutes west of Ottawa.

Customer Feedback

April 2015.....
To the staff at Embers
Thank you for the beautiful job on the stonework for our Opel fireplace. It really transformed the basement. We just love looking at it and can't wait to show it off! E&B

March 2015.....
Hey guys, I just want to thank you for the installation of the new damper handle on Tuesday. Both young men (I feel so old) conducted themselves in a professional manner and are well spoken, traits that are often lost on youth these days (old guy again). They represented your business very well. WC

Sherrill, March 2014.......
Here's a photo of our fireplace in action.
We are very pleased with it - a you can see the fire is dramatic and it gives off quite a bit of heat.
Thanks very much for your collaboration on our project.

RSF Renaissance 1500

Mike, March 2014.......
We just wanted to let you know the new fireplaces are working great.
This is the first time ever in this house that I have felt the glow of heat on my face and clothes.
I sure missed that coming from my mom's place with the woodstove.
It is amazing how clearly 'bad' the old fireplace was, once you have something to compare it to.
We also wanted to thank you Ed for all the extra time you put into ensuring everything was done just right.
We really appreciate your attention to detail.
We had a great experience all around with the team and will not hesitate to recommend your shop.
Everyone who has been in has had great comments on the Slayton.
Perhaps even a bit of jealousy! It certainly is a show stopper.

Peter Bramah, January 2014.......
Carol-Ann and Melinda made choosing my new wood stove painless.
My new BlazeKing Princess wood stove gives nice even heat all day.
And 10 hour burn time!
Wood usage is way down :-)