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Living Room with Fireplace


It is recommended by gas fireplace manufacturers that you have a licensed gas technician service and clean your fireplace on an annual basis to keep them operating safely, and at peak performance. Regular maintenance can help avoid costly repairs down the road and provide peace of mind that your fireplace is ready to perform the next time a chilly night blows into the neighbourhood.

Signs Your Gas Fireplace Needs Servicing:

  • Egg-like odour coming from fireplace

  • Soot or creosote build up on log set

  • Trouble turning fireplace on

  • Pilot light won’t stay lit

  • Funny looking flame

  • Glass is discoloured

Annual Gas Servicing

Valor fireplace 2.jpg

Chimney Cleaning

Image by Tom Thain

Once every 12 months, ideally at the end of each heating season, as well having your chimney swept, your wood stove should undergo an annual service which will include inspecting and cleaning the entire appliance.  

Your chimney cleaning will consist of the following:

  • Perform a visual inspection of your appliance

  • Clean your venting

  • Clean the interior of your appliance where applicable

  • Check all gaskets and replace if necessary

  • Check all firebrick and replace if necessary

Fireplace, Insert, Heat Stove and Chimney Repairs

We often tend to ignore or forget about our heating appliances until they stop working. When your fireplace or stove stops functioning properly, you’ll want an experienced professional’s help to make sure the problem doesn’t quickly get worse.

That’s where Embers Repair Service comes in: we service what we sell.

Contact for Service

As an established hearth products and service company in Perth ON, we have the tools and skills to provide you with accurate, cost-effective repair service.  Our WETT and gas technical team provides the highest level of quality in the heating appliance repair work we do. When you hire us, you’ll benefit from our knowledgeable, courteous WETT certified professionals and affordable pricing.   And no matter how extensive your job happens to be, we pledge to complete it on time so that you can get back to your regular routine.

Wherever you are in our service area, Embers can come to you and help you with the challenges you’re having with your fireplace or heat stove.

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