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Here’s 5 Things You Need to Think About When Planning Your Outdoor Spaces

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

1. How are you using your outdoor space?

With more people spending their free evenings, weekends and vacation time at their homes or cottages we are starting to see a trend towards people spending less of their savings on vacations and more time and money on improving the beauty and comfort of their homes and cottages.  Currently one third of people say they have an outdoor kitchen and living space at their home or cottage and half of the rest say they are planning major renovations to include a functional outdoor room at one or both of their homes.

What exactly is it that people are using these outdoor living spaces for? Most people say they use their outdoor spaces for cooking, dining, swimming/using the hot tub and entertaining. You may already be doing some of these things in your backyard and there are many ways to make this outdoor space an extension of your home.

Here are some of the items and design features that you may want to consider when thinking about an outdoor room.

2. What is a fully functional outdoor kitchen?

With amenities like a grill, smoker, sink, fridge, wine cooler, ice machine, a bar and storage cupboards your outdoor kitchen can be as fun and functional to cook in as any other kitchen you have had. It is not unusual for grill enthusiasts to cook their meals on the bbq 5-7 nights a week during the warm season and many people with functional outdoor sinks and cooking areas tell us that this becomes a space for the whole family to gather and cook – a social space and time just like the inside kitchen.

3. What are my seating options?

The amount and type of seating in your room will in part depend on the amount of space that you have in your room. We know that other outdoor enthusiasts commonly install the following types of outdoor seating: A dining table and chairs, Bistro table and chairs, Bar chairs where the cooking area includes a bar or island, living room style area with comfortable, durable furniture and a low table, benches, picnic tables and even hammocks and hammock chairs. Quality outdoor furniture has the unique feature of being easy to clean, easy to move and easy to maintain so if you design your outdoor space with flow and function in mind you can have years of comfort and enjoyment.

4. What kind of landscaping and covered patio areas do I want?

There are a lot of ways to create the feeling of an inside room outside of your home and starting with a well thought out plan can ensure the best use of space in your backyard or on your deck. Starting with a base like flagstone, cement, pavers, interlocking brick work, a wooden deck or patio and even small river stones we can lay out the area and shape of your room. Another great way to add definition to this space is to create a sheltered area. This sheltered area can be an open or closed pergola, an awning, or a gazebo style installation. These are usually custom designed and built to suit your tastes and the style of your home and can include features like screens, draperies, cupolas and more.

5. What are my multimedia and other electronics options?

Where the kitchen component of an outdoor room can take center stage as far as most fun items to shop for there are alot of really great ways you can add ambience and entertainment value to your outdoor room. The following items are popular in many of the current outdoor rooms that we saw: Plasma Televisions, Fully wired sound systems with interior or exterior connection to a stereo and the TV, exterior lighting, solar power, wireless internet, small kitchen appliances like blenders, and hot tubs built right into the outdoor room.

Aghhh. Help me figure out what I want.

Come in and see us! We are in the growing stages of this type of installation and have alot of great resources to draw from locally and in the store. A custom woodworker on site, fantastic built in barbeques, outdoor kitchen appliances, beautiful outdoor fireplaces and gas/propane fire pits, and partnerships with hot tub, landscaping and patio furniture suppliers are getting built and underway. We think the two most important resources that we can offer you right now are our product knowledge and our designer services. Come into the store or fill out the form here and let us help you create a fantastic outdoor living space!

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