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Our Team

In Office...
Carl Ann Embers Fireplaces Ottawa

Carol Ann Lehovich


Owner, inside sales, WETT certified inspector and advisor

Melinda Hamill Manager Embers Fireplace stoe

Melinda Hamill 

Office Manager

Office manager, inside sales, WETT certified inspector and adviser

Heather Cooper Embers Fireplaces and Stoves Ottawa

Heather Cooper

Inside Sales & Accounting

Inside sales and accounting.

On the Road...
Ed Lehovich Ember Owner Fireplaces Ontario

Ed Lehovich

Owner & Technician 

Owner, gas and WETT certified technician

Brandon Corbett Embers Fireplace company Ottawa

Brandon Corbett

Wood Technician

WETT certified technician, installer and chimney sweep

Dylan Hamill Owner Embers Fireplace store Ottawa

Dylan Hamill

Owner & Technician

Owner, gas and WETT technician, fireplace finishing

Mike Doxey Embers Fireplace Company Ottawa

Mike Doxey

Wood & Gas Technician

 Gas and WETT certified technician, installer and chimney sweep

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