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About Embers

Embers is a family owned and operated business located in the heart of Perth, Ontario. Nestled in between Ottawa and Kingston we service the the communities and rural areas between these cities and to the north and south. Our business philosophy has always been clear and is showcased in our large showroom and our own homes: burn what we sell. Virtually every product in the store has been used by us so we can give you reliable advice about each products performance.

We have been in business for 19 years. With a smaller sized market to work in we understand the importance of servicing what we sell and rely on our repeat customers and customer recommendations to keep growing our customer base.

We are a small business with a big heart and pride ourselves on our hands on planning, design and implementation. With many heating options and fuel types available we consider ourselves more consultants than sales people, Our sales staff are WETT Certified Advisors to help us ensure that you get the most reliable, well suited heating system to your needs and your homes unique design. We currently have three full time installation crews on staff including licensed gas fitters and WETT Certified Techncians.

We offer free onsite estimates to determine what products are best suited to your space. For those looking for a built in fireplace we offer design services and cultured stone, tile, and custom mantel installation services.Call, email or stop into the store to see how we can help you design the heating or energy system for you!

How To Contact Embers

By Mail:

Embers 63 North St. Perth, Ontario K7H 2T1

Tuesday - Friday: 9am to 5pm or by Appointment

Saturday: 9am - 3pm

Sundays: Closed

Monday: Closed, or by appointment

By Phone:

(613) 264-0878 or Toll Free (800) 361-6012

Email us here

Our Staff

In The Store: Carol Ann an active business owner for many years in the perth area, along side her husband Ed purchased Embers in the fall of 08. Carol Ann is a WETT certified advisor and is available to answer all your questions about wood, gas and design products we carry. Click here to email Carol Ann.

Melinda brings to Embers many years of customer service and is also a WETT certified advisor. Click here to email Melinda.

Both girls are available to discuss your heating and design options at our large showroom.

On The Road:

Ed is our head technician and co-owner of Embers. Ed started in the hearth industry in 1992 and has been with Embers since 1996. A WETT certified technician, Ed has a passion for wood burning.
Scott is a WETT certified technician and crew leader with an in-depth knowledge of our products who can guide you in the best direction for your heating options. Scott has a talent for artistic work and we are very proud of his stone installations and finishing.
Orville is our gas go to guy with 20yrs experience as a gas technician. Orville will make sure the job is done right from start to finish.

Where To Start

Interested in getting more information? If you are withing our service area the first step is to come into the store to look at our selection of products with one of our WETT Certified Advisors. We can ask you some questions about what your expectations about heat output and appearance might be and you can ask us any of the questions you may have. Once we have determined the best route to go and have made a plan for what the finished system will be comprised of we like to come and do an on site estimate. Either Ed or Scott will arrive at your home (a free service!) to advise you about things like product placement, heating capacity of the unit and to make a list of venting requirements and information about your home so that we can provide you with a fully detailed quotation of the parts and labour required to get you up and running.

The on site quotation is a very important part of the process of getting the right system. As an added benefit once you have recieved a quote we promise not to go above the quoted amount on our final invoice even if we use more parts and if we use less parts we will credit you the amount of those parts!. Time to get an onsite estimate booked is usually within 2 weeks in the winter/spring and summer and 2-4 weeks in the Fall. Once you have reviewed your quotation and are ready to go ahead with the installation we will book one of our crews to come to your house. Most wood and gas installations can be completed in 1-2 days. Stone work can take anywhere from 2-5 days depending on the size of the job. Full system installations usually take 2-4 weeks to book in during the Winter/Spring and Summer months and 4-6 weeks during the Fall. Installations with custom orders or involving design services or stone, granite, marble or custom woodworking may have a longer preperation and ordering period which we can advise you on before hand.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I shop at a Hearth Shop for my space heater?

A. This is our first question because it is probably the most frequent question that we get. There are alot of factors that differentiate a hearth shop from a hardware store when it comes to a space heater purchase. Here are some of the major differences and what to look for in a quality product:

1) Ceramic glass in the door of your stove or fireplace. Tempered or "Saftey" glass is quite common on older or economy fireplaces. Ceramic Glass offers several features over tempered glass including up to 80% better heat transfer efficiency. Another feature of Ceramic glass is that it will not break with temperature difference and it offers a clear view of the fire without the inefficiency of an open door burn.

2) Floating Firebox Design. Newer EPA Certified woodburning fireplaces and stoves feature technology in the firebox to cause smoke to ignite in your stove rather than leaving your stove as wasted heat and pollutants. On stoves sold in hearth shops you will find that this technology is implemented with a heavier grade of stainless steel in parts that are built and installed to be maintaned and replaced over time as neccessary. Any unit that has welded parts will be rendered useless when warpage occurs. Why do I want to burn smoke in the firebox? Well, harnessing the extra heat from the smoke that would normally be lost through the chimney can offer you greater heat efficiency, up to 1/3 reduction in your wood usage and best of all less smoke in your chimney means less chances of smoke condensing into creasote. Less creosote means less occurance of chimney fires and lower maintenance costs over time.

3) Longer Warranties. A hearth shop offers stoves, barbeques and many other products that offer lengthy and even lifetime warranties. You will find that because the units are built with the best quality materials available that they can keep you warm and cozy for 25 years or more with miminal maintenance costs and repeated return on your investment with the money you save in costly furnace fuel expenses and unit replacement costs.

Q. Why would I ever want to put a chimney up through my house?

A. It rarely occurs to people that an exterior chimney might be a series of problems waiting to happen - especially on newer, well sealed homes. Your chimney is the engine of your system and a poorly designed chimney will result in a system that has a whole list of deficiencies.In short - an interior chimney is warmed by the envelope of the building and the resulting warmer stack temperature means better draft, systems that light easier and a definate aesthetic improvement from the chimney up the outside of the building. This topic is so important to wood burning that our friend John over at Woodheat.org has dedicated an entire section to it! Please click here for a well written article about the benefits of a well designed chimney system.

Q. But can't I fix my draft problem with outside air?

A. Please visit here to read a detailed explanation of why we do not recommend outside air for your system.

Q. Does Embers source woodheat.org alot?

A. Woodheat.org is one of the industry's most well known, well educated informational sources about burning wood. These fanatics live, breathe and eat wood heat (ok maybe not eat!) and we find their articles informative and easy to read. Please visit the Woodheat.org website for even more wonderful articles that can help you better undertsand woodburning systems and get some great tips and techniques for getting the most out of your new or existing system!